Learning to paint using wax crayons

One fine evening I wanted to make a quick drawing but was lazy to get the brushes and colors out, and do the cleaning afterwards :). I thought, why not try wax crayons, which I have in my house for at least 15 years now. My parents tell me that I got those as a prize in some competition in primary school. Surprisingly, these things are a beast, they still work and there’s no mess created afterwards, and if you try can be erased using a rubber eraser. I had a few drawing sheets lying around, so just used those. That’s why you see the punch holes in most of the paintings :). The only minor problem I had was that I did not have all the colors, especially just one shade of brown.

Wax Crayons

I have to say I had a lot of fun using these. It’s easy to paint fast, and the intensity of the color can be easily adjusted by the pressure applied on the stroke. Also, very easy to cover a big area, just apply the color sideways. Also, easy to add colors on top of others, but I observed that lighter colors are not easy to layer on top of darker ones, so had to be careful to apply light colors first. These are definitely not as versatile as water colors or oil colors, especially if one wants to do fine work or blending. But, I think it is a good exercise to be able to focus on the form and colors, and sideline the complexity of the medium.

Most of the paintings here don’t qualify as proper paintings, and are more like doodles. Also, because its so much faster to paint using these I tried my hands on some of the classics which I always wanted to paint. Enjoy.

Painting #1

Some simple objects, just to get a feel of the colors. The box with shadow is painted just using the black color, see how much variation can be achieved just by applying different pressure.

Painting #2

Always wanted to paint a waterfall. Here’s an attempt.

Painting #3

This one is a flower vase in my house. Turned out pretty good I think (except the shadow).

Painting #4

Tried to paint a simple garden scene, with a bridge and some trees. Looks childish, haha!

Painting #4

Now come the classics. This is where I had the most fun. Doing any of these with oil colors will take days (at least for me) and will be a lot of work.

First one is Boats Arriving by Ricardo Verdugo Landi.

Painting #5

A tribute to Monet, Meules by Claude Monet.

Painting #6

Another one by Monet, San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk by Claude Monet.

Painting #7

Another one of my favorites, The Virgin in Prayer by Sassoferrato.

I did not have good brown color, so the hands came out darker than what I wanted. Other than that I think it came out nice, especially the dress.

Painting #8

Back to some black and white experiments. A vase.

Painting #9

This is a sofa in my house.

Painting #10

Abstract. Not my thing really, but why not.

Painting #11

Attempt to paint a classic red car. It turned out okay, not really what I was aiming for, mostly because it’s not easy to layer these colors.

Painting #12

A couple of more simple scenes.

Painting #13

Maybe should have made the sky black as well.

Painting #14

In the next couple of paintings, I just wanted to use a lot of colors, so the choice of scene is mostly driven by that.

Painting #15

This one could have been much better, but still okay I think.

Painting #16

Just wanted to paint rain.

Thanks for going through the showcase. Please feel free to post any comments or give feedback, and in case you’d like to know more about any of the paintings above please feel free to ask.

Have a nice day!

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