Learning to paint using brush pens

I stumbled upon these things called brush pens, which are basically sketch pens with a brush like tip. After reading a bit online, I decided to give these a try (Camlin brush pens). I was expecting these to have watercolor like properties, basically just watercolor filled in a pen. But, I have to say I was disappointed. These turned out to be semi-permanent colors, very fast drying basically impossible to blend them after applying. The only way I could blend these was to touch the tips to transfer some color from one pen to other and hope that it works. Nevertheless I did paint a few things, and they turned out to be okay. I expect to not use these pens much though.

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Learning to paint using wax crayons

One fine evening I wanted to make a quick drawing but was lazy to get the brushes and colors out, and do the cleaning afterwards :). I thought, why not try wax crayons, which I have in my house for at least 15 years now. My parents tell me that I got those as a prize in some competition in primary school. Surprisingly, these things are a beast, they still work and there’s no mess created afterwards, and if you try can be erased using a rubber eraser. I had a few drawing sheets lying around, so just used those. That’s why you see the punch holes in most of the paintings :). The only minor problem I had was that I did not have all the colors, especially just one shade of brown.

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