Portrait Workshop

I (Tarun Aggarwal) recently got a chance to attend a portrait sketching workshop. It was conducted by a colleague at my workplace and was part of an effort to keep people engaged during the lockdown-era. I was pleasantly surprised and was able to make something which passed as a good enough sketch at the end of it.

Part 1, eyes

In the first session we were taught how an eye looks and how to sketch it.

Sketch made in the class
Practice sketch

Part 2, nose and lips

In the second session we were taught to sketch nose and lips.

Sketch made in the class

Part 3, face outline and hair

In the third session we were told what usual proportions of a face are, and then how to add hair (shape and volume). You can see the rough lines to indicate the location of brow, nose, lips, chin etc.

Sketch made in the class

Part 4, completing the portrait

Finally we added remaining features to the face.

Final sketch

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